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All Grain Kit - Brew Bros Old N New Pale Ale

All Grain Kit - Brew Bros Old N New Pale Ale

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This pale is British hop history in a pint. It's bittered with Goldings (1700s), whirlpooled with Bramling Cross (1951) and dry hopped with Harlequin which is a recent release from the Charles Faram hop development programme. Accompanying the spicy bitterness you get blackberry notes and a tropical hit of pineapple, peach and passionfruit. It's about as aromatic as British hops get. 4.5% ABV. 

Malt: Extra Pale, Maris Otter, Malted Wheat

Hops: Goldings, Bramling Cross, Harlequin

Yeast: S-04 English Ale (dry). Can be upgraded to Wyeast 1098 British Ale (liquid 'smack-pack' activator) in pouch.

Comes with dextrose for priming, sanitiser and instructions.

Wyeast is suitable for experienced brewers, we only provide one pack per kit & we recommend making a starter.

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