About Us

Brew Bros started as a YouTube channel in November 2020 created by brothers Ed and Tim as a bit of fun. Ed has been brewing since June 2018 and Tim completed his first stovetop all grain brew in December 2020 (with a kit bought from Amazon). The channel features brew days (Ed's Ss Brewtech 20 gallon set up and Tim's budget stovetop brews), craft beer tastings, equipment unboxings and reviews, brewery visits, silly competitions and more. Check it out

Inspired by his first all grain kit experience, Tim has launched a range of all grain starter/gift kits called Brewery in a Box on Amazon. Brew Bros Shop was started in April 2021 to support this and provide another avenue for brewers to get their hands on refill kits, clone kits and, in time, some brewing equipment too. Watch this space!

We are not on a mission to challenge the big boys but we'd like to help introduce new brewers to the glorious world of home brewing and help them advance their skills.