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Brewery in a Box Craft Series | Tribute to Punk IPA | Beer Making Kit

Brewery in a Box Craft Series | Tribute to Punk IPA | Beer Making Kit

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We believe that Brewery in a Box Craft Series kits are the best way to start brewing beer from grain on the market. The reasons are:

  • The ingredients are the highest quality and freshest malt, hops and yeast with no dry or liquid extract, powder or additives
  • A keg or bottles are included to serve your beer
  • The equipment included allows you to brew more 5L batches again and again
  • The instructions and YouTube videos assist you in not only producing good beer from this kit but enhancing your all-round knowledge and journey as a brewer too  

Tribute to Punk IPA is based on the legendary BrewDog recipe with its signature tropical hop aroma hit coming from the dry hop addition.

Amaze your friends with the beer you can produce from this all grain kit which includes everything you need apart from water, ice and some basic kitchen utensils.

The kit is reusable so brew again and again with any of our 5L clone kits (a keg stopper for the mini keg or carbonation drops for bottles are required too) or by sourcing your own.

If you don't have a kitchen pot large enough (8L minimum) check out this nice little 10L brew kettle with temp gauge!


5L fermentation bucket with temperature gauge, siphon, digital thermometer, mashing net, airlock, malt (Pale and Caramalt), hops (Chinook, Ahtanum, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin, Cascade and Amarillo), yeast, sanitiser, gypsum, instructions and Brew Bros beer mat.


Mini Keg option includes 5L Mini Keg, keg stopper, and dextrose for priming

Bottle option includes 10 x 500ml Plastic Bottles with lids, and carbonation drops

This product is not associated with BrewDog plc.

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