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Vienna Malt (Crushed)

Vienna Malt (Crushed)

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Vienna Malt (Crushed)

Price per kilogram. Sold in even kilograms only. 

In the 1840s English maltsters developed air kilning techniques that would pave the way for light coloured beers. German brewers took this technique back to Vienna and Munich respectively and the malt styles were born.

Crisp Vienna Malt is made from English 2-row spring barley and is kilned to a slightly higher temperature than their Best Ale Malt. The result is a golden hued wort with a sweet, bread like aroma and flavour. Since it is a conventionally kilned malt, Vienna can be used as a base and is perfect creating its namesake, Vienna lager, in addition to other styles.

Moisture: 4.5%

EBC Colour: 5.5-9.9

Useage: Up to 100%

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