Brewery in a Box Hits Amazon Prime!

Brewery in a Box Hits Amazon Prime!

The first of our Brewery in a Box all grain and all inclusive kits became available on Amazon Prime a couple of days ago and we're thrilled with the take up on the Classic IPA kit so far. To be honest we get a kick out of just seeing it available on Prime with next day delivery (probably because we spend way too much on most people)!

We shipped a pallet of Tribute to Doom Bar and Tribute to Punk IPA kits this week too which will be available on Prime shortly. We also sent in a stock of refill kits (so you can get your second 4.5L batch brewed for just £12.99 using the equipment you received in the first kit).  

Of course you're very welcome to buy your kits directly right here on Brew Bros Shop but you just can't beat Amazon for convenience and delivery options. As long as it's Brew Bros......we're happy :)

Happy Brewday to you all!

Brewery in a Box Classic IPA

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