Grab your craft beer at Brew Bros HQ!

Grab your craft beer at Brew Bros HQ!

Whoa it's been a long time since we posted on the blog but we're still here sports fans! 😎 Trying to run a fledgling home brew shop AND YouTube channel alongside our regular jobs with just one full-time staff member is a bit of a challenge but we'll keep rocking and rolling as long as you keep supporting us!

On that theme, we've put a bit of time into developing our North Dorset home. We now stock craft beer available by the can 😍

craft beer dorset

We'll keep this cooler stocked with delights from Verdant, Vault City, Deya, Burning Sky, Wiper & True, Cloudwater, Yonder, Bristol Beer Factory and many of the other UK craft beer greats.

In time we hope to add a second cooler and a range of more traditional bottle conditioned beer so keep an eye out!


We also finally have our keezer and taps setup AND our lovely homemade menu board! All are welcome to drop by and taste some of our home brew recipes (free) and grab some cans (not free). We also have a kebabby around the back 🍔

Dorset home brew beer samples

So, if you fancy popping by for some home brewing chat and a few little tasters we'd love to see you. We're generally open 9am to 6pm and will often stay later if there's brewing or beer to be had 🍺  

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