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Starter Kit - Woodforde's Wherry 23L

Starter Kit - Woodforde's Wherry 23L

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This is a great kit to get you started from zero to brewing hero! The Woodforde's Wherry kit is considered one of the best extract kits on the market with a taste very similar to the original with minimal 'homebrew twang'. 

This kit contains everything you need to make the beer and will leave you with a 23L keg of your own home brewed Wherry. It includes:

-Woodforde's Wherry 23L Extract Kit

-23L Fermentation Bin


-25L Pressure Barrel




Optional: hydrometer and trial jar (so you can establish the ABV of your brews) and a plastic mash paddle. 

You can see us making the Wherry kit here 

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