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Woodforde's Wherry - 23L Extract Kit

Woodforde's Wherry - 23L Extract Kit

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A popular extract kit for the 3.8% amber ale Wherry from Woodforde's Brewery in Norfolk. Contains enough malt extract and dry yeast for you to make a 23L batch (40 pints). 

Wherry is a Supreme Champion Beer of Britain. Mighty fresh and zesty, the rich amber ale enjoys floods of flavours as sweet malts clash with grapefruit hops and big floral aromas in a sensory strike. Set sail on an epic taste adventure. 

To brew this kit you will need the following essentials:

-25L brew bucket

-Large spoon or similar stirring device



-Brewing sugar (dextrose) 120g

-Bottles or keg(s) for conditioning 

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