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TILT Pro Mini Hydrometer and Thermometer

TILT Pro Mini Hydrometer and Thermometer

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A unique blend of the Tilt and Tilt Pro hydrometers.

When the first Tilt hydrometer shipped in 2016 most of the home brew fermentation vessels on the market were either glass carboys or plastic brew buckets. Now we see more and more small scale stainless steel. The problem is stainless isn't that great of a window when it comes to wireless data transmission. The Tilt Pro solves this problem, though it might be bigger than what you need. This is where the Tilt Pro Mini comes in with its smaller size and price and easy recovery in smaller tanks with 1.5” dump ports along with Tilt Pro features like long range and increase in sensor resolution, it takes home-brewing to a new level.

The Tilt Pro Mini can be used with the same Tilt 2, Tilt Pi, and other Tilt apps and 3rd party hardware and software as our standard Tilt and Tilt Pro hydrometers. You can even use a standard Tilt and Tilt Pro Mini together if they are the same color in the Tilt 2 app, so run up to 16 different Tilts at once in the Tilt 2 app with 8 standards and 8 pro minis.

The specific gravity is accurate +/- 0.0001 within the Tilt's range of 0.9900 to 1.1200

The thermometer is accurate +/- 0.1 degree C (+/- 0.1 degree F).

Download the free Tilt app at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or get the free Tilt Pi download from Tilts website.

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