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Mangrove Jack's Beer Enhancer 2 (Full-Bodied Beers)

Mangrove Jack's Beer Enhancer 2 (Full-Bodied Beers)

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Beer Enhancer 2 – best for boosting full-bodied beers

Mangrove Jack's Beer Enhancer 2 infuses a special blend of liquid malt extract, invert sugar syrup and glucose syrup. It has been carefully designed to be used with a range fuller bodied beer styles, such as IPAs, English and American Pale Ales, or any amber, red, or dark beer styles.

Use as an alternative to approximately 1kg of dextrose in your brew to elevate the flavour, body, head retention and mouthfeel of your beer.

Size: 1400g

Fermentability: 74-78%

Extra OG Pints: 17-18 approx

Extra FG Pints: 4-5 approx

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