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Plastic Carboy 23L

Plastic Carboy 23L

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Plastic (PET) 23 litre/6.1 gallon carboy measuring 284mm diameter and 505mm height. 

  • Made with food grade materials and BPA free
  • Ideal for secondary fermentations of both wine and beer
  • Also perfect for bulk ageing wine
  • Completely taste and odour-free. It is also stain resistant
  • There are no ribs on the sides to collect yeast or sediment
  • Easy to clean, inside and out
  • Impermeable to oxygen
  • Safe to reuse over and over if properly sanitised before and after each use
  • Takes a stopper 50-51mm at the top and 43mm at the bottom
  • Can stand up to 15 psi of pressure
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