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Starter Kit - Brew Bros Simple Lager

Starter Kit - Brew Bros Simple Lager

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This is a great kit to get you started from zero to brewing hero! If you're looking for a simple kit to brew a decent lager from scratch then look no further.

This kit contains everything you need (with the exception of a few basic kitchen utensils including a large pot) to make a 5% ABV lager and will leave you with 4.5L of your own home brewed beer. More importantly, the equipment can be reused again and again.

Take a look at this video to see everything in action. Usually you need to store a lager at 1-2°C for 1-2 months so it can mature and gain crispness and clarity (a process called 'lagering'). As we show in the video, this part of the process is definitely best but not essential.

Kit includes:

-Brew Bros Simple Lager All Grain Kit



-Mashing Net

-Airlock and Bung

-5L Mini Keg

-Digital Thermometer

Optional: hydrometer and trial jar (so you can establish the ABV of your brews)

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